Looking Ahead to 2015


Happy New Years! I'm not sharing a round up of posts like every other blogger on earth and I'm also not setting any crazy New Years resolutions but I do want to acknowledge there is a new year here. Last year was the craziest year of my life. I've never had so many changes happen at once. I had to care for a new baby (he did actually come in 2013) a new job for me and a new job for Mike. 

Priorities sure do change after having a child. I left my job where I had been for eight years to be closer to home so I could spend more time with my boy. I had to basically relearn how to do every day tasks to fit in caring for a child. Mike and I are still learning about being parents. There are always new challenges and stages to overcome as Lincoln grows. 

I didn't know my heart could be so full of love for my boy and my husband and the little family we created. We aren't perfect and we struggle but the sweet times are so much sweeter than ever before. 

On the blogging front I would love to share more projects. I am going to try but I can't make any promises. That little boy comes first but I still want/need/crave a way to express my creativity. I'm slowly figuring out how to get that accomplished and maybe I will also figure out how to take pictures of it too.

So maybe I will set a New Years resolution. To stress less and enjoy life more and have the best year I can have. This is a resolution that I can keep!

And here’s some of my latest pictures of Lincoln…

Wearing his new jammies and playing with his Christmas present/ In his new sweatshirt/ Sporting his new sleeved bib which clearly we needed!

Lincoln new year

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