What I Wore- Winter Dress

Grey dress, plum cardigan, burgundy tights, tall boots, statement necklace
Dress- Old Navy, Cardigan- Thrifted, Fleece Leggings- White Plum via Jane.com, Boots- Madden Girl, Necklace- Styled by Tori
Ever since I added some new pieces to my closet I've been excited to take pictures again so two outfit posts in one week is in order. The post is really to show off this new dress from Old Navy. I. Am. In. Love. Seriously this is the cutest dress ever and I got it for a whopping $14 dollars. I was checking out the extra off winter clearance and couldn't even believe how cheap this dress was and it wasn't even on clearance. I had to buy it. The shipping was insanely slow but once it showed up I was so presently surprised at how nice it is. It was called a "fleece" dress but that's not what the material is like. It's more of a heavy knit with an exposed zipper in the back. I didn't have a grey dress in my wardrobe and I can think of lots of ways to wear it already. I got tons of compliments at work when I wore it too. It was sold out online but it was back in stock the last time I checked.
I have a whole list of cardigans to pair with it and my fleece leggings make this such a warm outfit for the office in winter. I am frozen at work all the time now so many many layers are very important too me right now. These fleece leggings are White Plum bought via Jane.com and they are the thickest, plushest pair of fleece leggings/tights I own. They keep me so warm and are like a blanket for my legs. I could wear them every day. They really don't compare at all to some of my other pairs and are definitely worth a little more money even though they were still a great deal. They are always on the Jane.com so check back often if you don't see them. I notice those sales cycle through pretty frequently.
Anyway the main reason for two fashion posts in one week was to link up with Audrey's Style Challenge at Putting Me Together. I love her blog and it was one of the first one's to inspire me to remix my clothes and pay more attention to what I was wearing which eventually led me to share my pictures on the blog. This week’s style challenge is to wear a dress which I is something I never used to do in the winter a few years ago and now either a dress or a skirt is always part of my work week. 
And while I am rambling on about unimportant topics like clothes, I miss having a weekly picture of my outfits like I took before Lincoln was born. Sometimes when I'm staring at my closet I think about an outfit and if I wore it or not yet and when the last time I wore an certain dress or cardigan or skirt and I think it was so nice to have a record of all the ways I wore something so I could challenge myself to wear it another way. Taking a silly picture of myself and posting it for all the world to see has really helped me to develop a sense of style I've never had before. When I get compliments at work on my outfits I have this blog to thank for it. 

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