Home and Garden Show



This past weekend Lincoln, my dad and I went to the Home and Garden show at the IX Center in Cleveland. I have gone fairly consistently in the past years, but didn't make it out last year when Lincoln was a newborn. It's always at the perfect time of the year when you can't stand the snow and cold weather anymore. A tiny bit of spring to give you hope for the weather to break. 

Of course the day we went was one of the coldest of the year but at least it was sunny, considering we had a bit of a snow storm the day before. As much as I enjoyed seeing all the pretty gardens they were a bit disappointing this year. I think the theme of the show was Cleveland areas but it wasn't as clear as it's been in the past. The gardens were lacking in flowers and most of them were wilted. I guess that's what you get for waiting until the last day of the show. It still doesn't explain why there were less flowers that there have been in the past. The gardens were really focused this year on pergolas, outdoor grills, and outdoor fireplaces. The structures were really quite stunning and it definitely made me want an outdoor pergola in our backyard. I particularly liked the pergolas that had a clear roof to stop the rain. 

I am definitely ready for spring and seeing all the gardens made me want to start planning my veggie garden. I still can't think about any plans we have to work on our backyard right now since it's covered in a pile of snow but I can think of fresh tomatoes, greens beans and basil. I'm off to peruse for some new veggies to try and continue to wait out this winter.


This was definitely the coolest garden. The theme was the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and there was a wall made our of records and cassette tapes and some really cool metal sculptures of people playing instruments. I got these three pictures and I totally want that piano!




This was from the Cleveland Sports theme garden


And some other random pictures.




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