Mini Trip to Pittsburgh

This past Friday was my birthday. Mike and I haven't had much adult alone time together since our baby boy has entered the picture so we wanted to have a night away. Mike's sister watched Lincoln overnight and since her house is halfway to Pittsburgh it seemed like the logical choice to go and explore a city we've never been to together. 
We only spent one night and arrived around 12:00 on Saturday. We weren't sure what the weather was going to be like so our plans were kind of loose with the only thing we booked was the hotel. We were both starving when we got into town and after making several wrong turns and an unexpected mini tour around the city we headed to the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville. It's a cool brewery and restaurant in an old church. The neighborhood seemed a bit run down but there was plenty of parking in the back. The inside was amazing. The integrity of the church was still there plus a bunch of beer brewing tanks. We both tried a beer and split a southwestern style wood fired pizza. It was a bit spicy but super tasty.
church brew works Collage
Next we braved the roads again to head to the Andy Warhol Museum. Several wrong turns later we made it. Side note: I have to say the roads in Pittsburgh are possibly the most confusing ever. There are a ton of bridges and so many different directions it was so hard not to take the wrong way. I don't know what you would ever do without a GPS trying to navigate the city.
I had a buy one get one free coupon to the Andy Warhol Museum through buying the Pittsburgh Entertainment Book. (That one coupon made it worth it to buy the book!) I'm glad I had it because otherwise the museum was a bit on the pricey side. No pictures were allowed inside so we the only one we took was outside the museum. It was a very interesting experience. I only knew Andy Warhol for his Campbell's soup can painting and colored graphic art portraits of Marilyn Monroe and others. The museum explained his whole life history. I didn't know the range of his art or that he was into films and produced the band the Velvet Underground. It was a very cool experience and we really enjoyed it.
Andy Warhol Museum
After our museum trip we headed to the hotel. I booked a Hyatt on the Southside of Pittsburgh. I got a decent price through and even was able to find a coupon for extra off. This place was the gem of our trip. The room was amazing and we had a spectacular view of the river. We both joked that we were moving in because there was a mini kitchen in the room. 
hotel Collage
Right outside of the hotel was an area with shopping and restaurants. We perused the shops and had appetizers at an Irish Pub and a sushi dinner at Sake. We were in walking distance to E Carson Street and further down there were tons of restaurants and unique shops. We didn't venture very far down because it was dark and getting pretty cold. We did want to find a bar to have a dew drinks so we were really glad we decided to walk a little but because we stumbled on a fun little bar called Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe that had a really fun bicycle theme. We ended up sitting next to the owners and chatting about fun stuff to do in Pittsburgh. We found out there are lots of bike paths so we are excited to make a trip back in the warmer months to try some biking. 
Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe
The weather was calling for a big snowstorm and we woke up to grey skies but not too much snow in Pittsburgh. After a free and pretty tasty hotel breakfast (they had fresh omelettes!) we decided to make a stop at Ikea on the way home. It's the closest Ikea to our house so we don't make it out there very often. We had fun admiring the modern furniture and bought a few things, including Lincoln's very own Poang chair. It was so cute and at only $30 we couldn't resist. 
Then it was on to pick up the boy who loved spending time with his cousins. Then our dog Abby was next and we braved the rest of the snow to head home (although it wasn't bad as predicted.)
We had a super fun time and are looking forward to going back. The drive in only about two hours (with additional time dropping off the kid and the dog) and there are so many things we still want to do but didn't have time in our short trip. There is a children's museum, zoo and aquarium that would all be fun for Lincoln plus we want to try out the bike paths too.
So it was a birthday success. Better than last year when I was counting down the days when I had to make the dreaded trip back to work. Still cold and snowy but that's what happens when you have a January birthday. And just to compare my Lincoln/Mommy selfie from my birthday last year and this year. What a difference a year makes :)
birthday Collage

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