Weekend Fun in the Snow

We have had lots of super cold temperatures in the past few weeks with lots of snow. Lincoln loves to look at the snow and always tries to touch the little bit we bring in the house on our shoes. This past weekend we finally got a break in the temperature up in the 30 degree range. Considering it’s been at 0 or below 0 for way too long, 30s felt like spring.
Along with that hint of warmer weather came about 5 inches of snow. We took full advantage of it this time and brought Lincoln and Abby out to tromp around in it. We got Lincoln a pair of boots a couple of weekends ago so we could finally get a chance to enjoy the snow. We knew we wouldn’t be outside long because he won’t wear his gloves. They only lasted a few minutes so that definitely limited any time outside.
I think Lincoln’s favorite part of the snow was watching Abby run around like a maniac in it. He laughed at her so much. She had a blast running around and jumping through the snow.
Although it looks like we’re having fun, which we were, Lincoln and I both have a nasty cold. He is much more resilient than I am and is bouncing back much more quickly. We seem to be on the mend though so hopefully it’s the last cold we get this season. And even though the weather doesn’t look like it for at least the next week, I know spring is ever so slowly on it’s way and we will be tromping around in rain puddles instead of snow banks really soon. At least that’s what I have to keep telling myself :)


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