What I Wore- Half Thrifted



Cardigan- Loft via Twice, Cambray- Liz Claiboirne via Village Discount Thrift, Jeans- Loft (almost exact),

Boots- JC Penney, Necklace- Gift

This top half of this outfit is from the thrift shop. The chambray is from my favorite local thrift store the Village Discount Outlet and the cardigan is from the online thrift store Twice. I actually never thought I would buy a chambray shirt until this one even though it is the epitome of blogger style but I had to buy it because polka dots. 

I was searching through my Pinterest style board the and this picture popped out at me because I own all the pieces now so I put them together for casual Friday at work. Pinterest for the win again!

I got my hair chopped off last weekend so this is the last long haired picture you'll see from me (unless I have any hiding that need to be posted). I haven't taken any new outfit posts since I've was sick for three weeks so this one is actually from a while ago. I'm feeling back into a style rut lately. I am putting outfits together but many of them don't feel right to me. Something will be off with the fit or the color combo or something. I think it's because I'm growing tired of my winter clothes (who isn't really) and while we are slowly transitioning to Spring it's still pretty chilly out. 

I'm feeling very picky these days with my wardrobe and since I don't really remember what my spring/summer wardrobe looks like until I start digging it out of the spare closet, I'm not in the mood to buy much. I did get the most amazing pair of white jeans from Loft the other day (they look way better than the picture online). They were 40% off which was good but still more than I would have liked to spend. I decided to keep them because they fit so well and the denim is so perfectly stretchy. I'm on the hunt for a pair of fashion sneakers. I undecided on a pair of converse so I ordered some Keds on Amazon for a steal. Also on Amazon I got a pair of Nine West ankle boots on super sale. I have been looking for a pair since the fall that was the style and price I wanted. The fit seems pretty spot on and they are super cute. I know I can get a little bit of wear out of them because it doesn't really warm up here until May. That's about the time I put all my boots to rest for the summer. 

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