What I Wore- Marsala and Brown


Marsala and Brown

Cardigan- JC Penney, Button Down- Thrifted, Pants- Express via Ebay, Shoes- Life Stride, Necklace- gift

A cute combination that I wore a couple weeks ago. This deep red cardigan seems to be the trendy red color with the ever changing name. Maroon, Burgundy, Oxblood, Marsala. Whatever it is called I like it and even though there are technically pink dots in this button down I still think it works. It's really funny because I saw Jen at Fashionably Employed wear pretty much the same color combination, after I wore mine (but clearly before I posted about it.) Initially I was like "Oh I really love that color combo." Then I remembered I had just worn something really similar. Clearly great minds think alike!

Anyway, I mentioned last Monday that I was sick but was on the mend. Well I was completely wrong because I got worse on Tuesday and ended up at the doctor with an ear/sinus infection. So after a round of antibiotics I am almost better. I was really wondering if this blog post (or any post for that matter) was ever going to happen. This sickness and the cold temps have really worn me out and I am so ready for the tiniest hint of spring. Temperatures in the 30s right now have me rejoicing. Although every time we get some warmer temperatures we get pounded with snow. I am wondering if I will ever be able to walk outside without my boots on again. 

Then to get even more random with this post I have been getting a lot of requests to share different sizes for some of my crochet hats so I am making it a goal to get that done. I feel bad for not responding to people's requests but increasing the size of hat isn't always that simple (plus I've been a sick mess for the last week.) I am going to work on a men's version of my crochet ribbed beanie and then some smaller baby versions. Then after I get that done I want to make more sizes in my crochet bow hat. I just need to pick out some yarn and get to designing.

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