A Blogging Rut and a Big Boy Hair Cut


I am in a bit of a blogging rut. I have written and scraped numerous posts in the past couple of weeks. I have ideas but then I'm not sure I want to blog about them so there are a whole bunch of un-posted drafts sitting around. I have been doing a lot of research lately on making my blog better and it's really just overwhelmed me. I find that too much research can be paralyzing sometimes. 

Something that is always easy for me to write about is my little man. We went in for pro haircut number three the other day and I did not realize what I was asking for and all his hair was cut off. I still am not good at articulating what I want from a little boy hair cut (or my own hair cuts for that matter) and the hair stylist trimmed it way shorter than I expected.  I actually think it turned out cute (mostly) although I am still in a little shock over how big he looks. Where did my baby go?


He is learning new stuff all the time. He knows more words and is stacking and climbing on the couch. I have always enjoyed every stage more than the last one but wow it's crazy how far he has come. So I'll leave you with a few pre-hair cut pictures while I reminisce over how different he looked a few days ago. At least it grows fast…

(And Easter pictures to come this week.)

longer hair

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