April Blooms


It’s amazing how Spring comes after a long winter and I feel rejuvenated again. The budding trees and the blooming flowers have lifted the fog I’ve felt like I was in for the past couple of months. Of course going on vacation also helped with that.

I am feeling like spring cleaning around our house and ready to get out into the yard. We did some spring cleanup outside a few weeks ago when it was nice and Mike has already mowed the lawn twice. As in typical April fashion the temperatures are all over the place. We had a couple days in the lows 80s and we also had some snow showers.

Amidst all the crazy swings in temperature my garden has come alive again and I’m excited again about what has awoken after its winter slumber. Since we had to chop our big tree down out front I’m wondering if that will change the way our front bed behaves since there should be more sunlight once the leaves are out on the trees.

My garden always seems to bloom much later than many of the other yards in the neighborhood. I have seen tulips up but mine has not even set its buds yet.  So far I am getting lots of repeat blooms from past years and one newcomer.

I planted a big mixed bag of daffodils last fall since most of mine had died out. I got a pretty sad turnout for what bloomed this spring. I don’t remember the different types I planted but I have only seen two different types so far. I only got three yellow blooms from the traditional yellow daffodil even though there was lots more green stems that popped up.


Then I have this really interesting variety that came up. This one has done the best because most of them have bloomed. I’ve never seen a Daffodil like this before. They are half the height of the traditional one and have multiple blooms on each flower. I had most of them grouped together since I tried to guess which bulbs looked the most similar when I planted them. I will need to move a couple around so they are in one bunch. Despite the disappointment of the other non blooming bulbs these ones are really fun.


My hyacinth are not looking too hot this year. They did not bloom as much as in the past and the blooms were much smaller.


I’m excited to get some good shots of my magnolia. It’s really hard to photograph and I always seem to get it too late. We had a frost after it started blooming and in past years that can mean disaster for the flowers but they seemed to hold up pretty well this year.


My bleeding heart is looking great as always. This one always does really well every year. It’s really only just getting started and I expect it to at least double in size.


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