Lincoln’s Second Easter


I think this Easter should be called the year of the Easter egg hunt. We set up two Easter egg hunts and Lincoln was (mildly) interested in them. He kind of lost interest in searching though after he learned there was chocolate in the eggs. The way to this kid’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

On Easter we spent the day at Mike’s mom’s house and Lincoln had a great time eating, playing with his new Easter toys, eating some more and finishing the day off with another Easter egg hunt. He also enjoyed some doggie time and lots of cousin time.

He partied like a champ and came home to a super early bedtime since he only got about a 30 minute nap on the way home. It was a fun day and great excuse to dress him up in a tie. Although he busted the matching tie before we left so luckily we had a backup one. Mike also played around with styling his super short big boy hair cut. The jury is still out on if the family likes it or not lol. My sister in law- fan. My dad- not a fan. Haha. It least it grows fast. I’m getting used to it but I think it would be cuter a little longer.



A family picture and we are all looking with open eyes. Success.


Loving Maisie (or Abby as he likes to call her.)




Matching bunny glasses for the cousins.


Found one.


I prefer the chocolate, thank you very much.

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