Lincoln’s 18 Month Update


Hi! I’m back after an unintentional break. We’ve been so crazy busy over the last couple of weeks there was no time for blogging. I actually wrote up some posts but the thought of getting the pictures ready was too overwhelming so I have some backlog. Mike rebuilt our back deck which was starting to fall apart and then we had a garage sale to purge the mountain of stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. Now that there is a third person in our house it was time to make more room for all the stuff he has brought with him.

Lincoln’s turned 18 months old a week ago and I normally am aware of his monthly birthday but this time I didn’t realize until a few days later. Things are getting back to normal around our house so I figured it was time to get back to writing.

Lincoln is turning into quite the big boy. He is starting to become much more opinionated about what he wants to do. We’ve actually be going through a bit of a rough patch because he has been getting very frustrated about not being able to communicate what he wants when it come to his snacks.

I’m sure it is just a phase as he is learning so many new words every day. His new favorite word is “cracker” or as he says it “cracka.” It’s becoming the universal word for food. Other words he says a lot are cheese, water, mommy, daddy, Abby, car, ball, baby, blankie, outside. He knows many of the farm animal sounds too and will call some of the animals by the sound they make. He is starting to repeat back a lot of words too. My proud moment was teaching him to say “pee pee” haha :) I am pretty sure he looked at himself in his car seat mirror today and said Lincoln.

He is a lover of books and will sit and “read” his books forever. He loves when we read to him but is also content flipping through all the pages and moving on to another book. When it comes to reading bedtime stories he definitely has his favorites and I always let him pick which ones to read because he won’t listen to a book if it’s not on his favorites list. He just looks longingly in his basket at the book he wishes we were reading.

Lincoln is 100% obsessed with being outside. He calls it “side” and will beg to go out on the deck. He lights up when he is out there and it helps to get him out of any bad mood he might be in. We are starting to collect a plethora of outside toys. We had a couple of things last year that he’s still interested in but our collection keeps growing. He loves his water table, golf clubs, push car and any type of ball. He loves checking out the garden and I can’t wait until our veggies are planted and we can pick them to eat.

His other obsession is toy cars. He loves the monster trucks at his sitter’s house so we went and bought him his very own and he was the happiest boy in the world. I’m actually not sure who  was more exciting about getting it, Lincoln or Mike :) His matchbox cars are another favorite and he walk around saying “car, car,car” when he is looking for them.

We are very much looking forward to this summer and playing outside. We have already spent more time in our backyard than we did all last year. I have lots of fun stuff planned for us too to get out and explore our area.


Lincoln 18 month 2

Wearing Daddy’s hat/ Swinging/ Reading in the morning/ Reading before bed

lincoln 18 month 1

Making silly faces in the front door/ Meeting a horse after our bike ride

Lincoln 18 month 3

Playing in the pool and water table

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