Our Visit to Stan Hywet

On Mother’s Day Mike, Lincoln and I went to visit Stan Hywet. Mother’s got in free for the day and I’ve never been (or I don’t remember going) and Mike hasn’t been since he was young. If you never heard of it, the house was built by F.A. Seiberling and his wife Gertrude. F.A. was one of the two founders of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The house is 64,500 square feet with 23 bathrooms, 23 fireplaces and three elevators! They had a staff of 22-24 people to run the enormous house. Needless to say it’s a beautiful mansion with 70 acres of amazing gardens. It’s even one of the largest houses in the United States

The house was so amazing and ornate. It was built between 1912-1915 and it’s really amazing how some of the features seem so contemporary for a house built so long ago. Many of the bathrooms had a shower and freestanding tub. There was a room for everything, including a flower arranging room and an indoor pool. The house has been impeccable preserved and it was quite amazing to take a look back in time.

Not only is the house amazing but it highlights a time when Akron was the place to be. The tire industry was booming and the neighborhoods of Goodyear Heights and Firestone Park were built to support all the families that lived and worked in Akron.

Our day started out a little drizzly but after we toured the house it cleared up and was beautiful. Since mother’s were free the house was a bit crowded and we got out just before Lincoln was ready to start scaling the walls.  

Lincoln did enjoy our walk around the grounds. There was a reflecting pool, Japanese garden, a path under birch trees, and a quarry where the family used to swim. There was even a fun playground for kids that has been created in recent years. Lincoln had fun playing with the huge bowling pins and driving the old time truck.

No pictures of the inside (too busy carrying the little guy or helping him to keep his curious hands to himself) but we got a few outside on the grounds.

Stan Hywet

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