Lincoln is Two

Well hello there. I took an unexpected long blog hiatus. I got a little burnt out and ran out of things to talk about but I’m back today to share details of Lincoln’s second birthday. Having a toddler keeps me really busy these days. It’s hard to do much else besides entertaining him. Keeping off the electronics is key because he is already obsessed with computers and smart phones and will try to take over for me. I haven’t been doing much crocheting lately but am starting to introduce it when he goes to bed since the cold weather had me wanting to make some new hats.

Lincoln is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse now and loves to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. He learned all the names of the characters and loves to talk about them. The funniest one is Goofy because when he says the word it kind of sounds like coffee. Since Mickey is at the top of his list right now we decided to have a Mickey party for his birthday.

We had a much more low key party this year than last and kept it pretty simple at our house. My decorating didn’t include too much besides buying a blue plastic table cloth, red dinner plates with Mickey dessert plates and napkins. My big creative moment came in the form of Mickey cupcakes. I used a chocolate boxed cake mix and made homemade cream cheese frosting. I made Mickey ears out of mini oreos and used red polka dotted cupcake liners I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics. This was not an original idea by any means and I poured over Pinterest to find something simple but still captured the essence of Mickey. We set the cupcakes up on the cupcake stand I bought last year (also from Jo-Ann) and topped it off with the Mickey and Minnie Lincoln got as an early birthday gift.

We kept the food pretty simple too and made chili, mac and cheese and roasted broccoli, which are all some of Lincoln’s favorites. Everyone sang happy birthday and he blew out the candles on the first try. It was the cutest thing ever. Then he proceeded to devour his cupcake.

The whole thing was a big success. Lincoln got a present for his birthday which his new favorite character and that is Spiderman. He is super obsessed and it’s really funny. He talks about Spiderman all the time and wants to bring him everywhere.

Speaking of talking, this kid learns new words and phrases almost every day. He is a little parrot and is always repeating what we say. He is starting to get more clear with his words too and it’s becoming easier to understand. Lincoln is also so full of energy. He loves to run, jump and climb. We started him in a toddler gymnastics class to give him something to do now that it’s cold and dark at night. He loves the class but still needs to work on his listening skills a bit.

Christmas is coming soon and while he may not understand the concept he has figured out what Santa looks like and will call out any pictures or figurines that look like Santa. We are looking for something low key to bring him to meet Santa because his attention span is next to zero lately and he won’t do very well standing in a line to see Santa anywhere.

One more picture to share. I was so excited to get a nice family picture of the three of us since Lincoln has an uncanny knack for getting wiggly the second the camera is on us. He may not have a big smile on his face but he isn’t crying or trying to escape so I will take it as a win.